Yoga Journeys and Retreats

My academic training was in anthropology and archaeology. Afterwards, life led me to work for many years in the corporate world, in the field of communications and events production.

Nevertheless, from a very early age, all the disciplines and techniques pertaining to human development and general well-being have interested me. Initially a harbinger of personal healing, the yoga practice effectively transformed into a passion after lengthy studies and research in my new profession.

Above all, I am a tireless traveller. Of all the places in the world that I have travelled and lived (Spain, France, Italy, England, Egypt, Nepal, Australia, Mexico, Guatemala, USA…), India is the place that I consider my home. I have toured the mountainous regions of the north, gotten lost in her cities filled with contrasts, studied yoga in different ashrams, found many masters, and had the opportunity to collaborate as an assistant director in several documentaries about Tibetan Buddhism in India.

To me, India is a loving mother who welcomes you in her arms and generously teaches you something in each trip. I am pleased to share her love and teachings with you in the yoga journeys and retreats I organise in partnership with

OPEN EYES PROJECT (Social business approved as supporter of Responsible Tourism in World Travel Market in London)

If you are interested in more destinations in Asia (Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam…) and/or Europe, please check my programs in partnership with