Why "Yogatwork?"

Yoga brings an amazing amount of benefits for the individual and to the whole company.

Instead of listing data and statistics collected in various countries during the last few years, I will tell you in few words, and hope you'll experience it very soon!

 Yoga brings to the individual:

     Stronger immune system

     Increased circulation and diminished fatigue

     Greater mental focus

     Improved flexibility, strength and mobility

     Improved self esteem and eases depression

     Decreased stress, resulting in lower blood pressure

…and to the company:

      Increased productivity and time management skills

      Decreased absenteeism

      Higher rates of employee retention

      Fewer incidences of repetitive stress injuries

      Fewer incidences of back pain, known as the second major cause of absenteeism after stress

      Improved workers' relationships, satisfaction and morale

 I cordially invite you to have a look at the infographic below and the "testimonials" section of this web . You will find my students' opinions and experiences. Enjoy it!



Infographic by Jan Diehm